Proteored Multicentric Experiment 11 Phosphoproteomics ProteoRed

ProteoRed - Instituto Nacional de Proteómica Jul 19th, 2018 

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ProteoRed Purpose

The main objective of ProteoRed consortium is to coordinate and integrate activities of the Spanish proteomic facilities and services in a common network with a nodal structure, so they will support the whole development of the proteomic research in our country. For this purpose, ProteoRed has been constituted as a technological platform composed by six nodes, supporting 17 + 2 proteomic facilities placed all over Spain.

In addition, our purpose include:

Assure that ProteoRed structure will cover the proteomics needs in all Spanish regions considering the differences in research density (more proteomic facilities at Madrid and Barcelona), geographical proximity, economic resources of the customers, and the technological capabilities required by the researchers.

Establish well coordinated and structured protocols for deciding the strategy that will be followed by each node and ProteoRed as a whole for providing proteomics services in Spain. The final objective is to increase the quality and the number of proteomics services provided and the number of projects where those proteomics facilities will participate in next years.

Offer services in all the stages involved in the protein analysis process: protein fractionation, separation and purification of peptides and proteins, Protein and peptide molecular weight analysis, protein identification, characterization, sequencing and diferential proteomics

Improve the capabilities and competitiveness of the Spanish proteomics facilities with the support of the seven working groups created by ProteoRed technological platform and coordinated by the coordination unit.

Standardization and quality control of the services offered by their members and thus become to be a quality label for the users.

Follow and test the new technologic developments for providing new proteomic methodologies and equipment to the Spanish proteomics facilities, so the proteomics services provided will be at the highest standards with the most qualified personnel and equipment.

Establish open channels with the customers of these proteomic services to know their technological needs, accuracy of the data, quality requirements, price scales, new services needed for the future, etc.

Define mechanisms to avoid unfair competition with the private companies providing proteomic services.

Promote relationships and collaboration with other proteomic networks, proteomic international platforms or projects as the Human Proteome Organization, HUPO, European Proteomics Association, EuPA, Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities, ABRF.

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