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Last update: 17/03/2016
Proteored Multicentric Experiment PME11 - Phosphoproteomics

PME11 - Phosphoproteomics PME11

We present the new multicentric study within ProteoRed Network.  



The final goal of the study is to allow each laboratory to assess its ability and improve their protocols for phosphopeptide analysis.

The study should allow:

  • Evaluating the performance and reproducibility of phosphopeptide enrichment procedures.
  • Testing the usefulness of phosphopeptide mixture standard to set up, monitor, and troubleshoot phosphopeptide analysis methods.

The samples to be analyzed in the study (PME11-A1, A2, A3) consist of a yeast tryptic digest (C-18 purified), spiked-in with three different concentrations of a mixture of 20 human phosphopeptide standards (Phosphomix 1and 2 from Sigma-Aldrich, see attached specification file), containing light isotopes.

PME11 Documents

  1. Description of the study
  2. Phosphomix standards datasheets (PDF Format)
    MSP1ldat MSP1hdat MSP2ldat MSP2hdat
  3. TiO2 Procedure
  4. Transition List
  5. Skyline
  6. Results Template
  7. Results Example
  8. Database (zipped fasta file)
    Comprises Swissprot_Yeast + Phosphomix 1 and 2 sequences.
    Please install it and use it for your database searches.

Proposed calendar for the study:

  • Distribution of the samples: first two weeks of March 2016.
  • Deadline for results submission: May 15
  • Presentation of results at EuPa Conference 21-25 June

Contact Information:

For sample requests and information, please contact any of the following e-mail addresses:
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