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ProteoRed - Instituto Nacional de Proteómica Jul 19th, 2018 

Bioinformatics tools

  PIKE (Protein Information and Knowledge Extractor)
  Retrieves biological information from several databases at once, regarding to a set of proteins.
  Supports PRIDE xml files as input and also as output.
  Tool available at:

  MIAPE Generator Tool
Allows to generate MIAPE GE, GI, MS and MSI compliant reports.

Serves as a MIAPE repository.

It also allows to compare your MIAPE documents.
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The project intends to create a Java API to be able to generate, delete and store MIAPE documents.
More information at:

  MIAPE Extractor Tool
The MIAPE Extractor Tool is a standalone tool that allows:
  • to automatically create MIAPE compliant reports from your standard data files (PRIDE XML, mzML, mzIdentML) and others (XTandem output xml), storing these reports in the ProteoRed MIAPE repository
  • to export your MIAPE-compliant reports to standard data files (currently to PRIDE XML).


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